So this fundraiser is planned later in September by the NDP, and suddenly the world explodes.

So. Let's say I host a backyard BBQ fundraiser for the NDP. Charge $75 for it. Cost of burgers and salad might come to $4 each. Does that put me on the wrong side of opinion in these folks?

I can't imagine the food cost and (union) labour costs of that latest NDP fundraiser is cheap.

In my above scenario, as the cook, I work for free.

Now, about a month into actually being in government, NDP is taking flak for not imposing a corporate and union donation ban yet. To be sure, the first legislative session hasn't started yet that the NDP can introduce new regulations. But that isn't stopping a crowd from insisting that the NDP has failed to deliver.

Fine, carry on. And be noisy if you wish. Don't let the new government off the hook. But these are the promises they made.

Back to our regularly scheduled crazy.


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