Humble pie

So it seems that Gordon Wilson has filed at least one detailed report, in 2014. If this is all that exists, it proves false the suggestion that Wilson did very little tangible work for the $550k he's received since being appointed to his patronage appointment in 2013.

The suggestion, made by Bruce Ralston and John Horgan, need to be refuted and apologized for. Because that can be proven wrong.
See link.

But there are questions. In FOI requests made, there's a fairly extensive two page document returned in the FOI response. But an FOI since has produced only expense reports.

So, the question becomes "value for money". The latter FOI shows that Gordon Wilson travelled to places and talked to people about things. Earlier, we can establish that he in fact filed some reports. Does this performance justify the $150,000 per year salary paid to Wilson? Folks can judge that for themselves.

As for the public allegations made at Wilson, it's entirely appropriate that Horgan and Ralston apologize and do so with humility.

The last time such a powerful politician made a mistake this bad, was when Christy Clark personally accused the NDP of hacking the BC Liberals website. "we watched them do it" was a line she used.
When the facts came out that it was an employee of a former independent MLA that had discovered a weak link in the BC Liberals website, Christy Clark had to climb down from her position.

How did she apologize? In a voicemail that she made to John Horgan. How did she reveal this? In a teleconference with reporters in a dusty room of the legislature.

Leaders lead. But they're just as human as the rest of us. Sometimes that leadership test comes in the form of humility in the wake of a mistake.

Given this, the contrast between Clark and Horgan can't be more clear, and BC is better off for it.


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