If you listen carefully, folks from The Rebel Media will try to spin the terrorist violence at Charlottesville as a result of leftist intolerance to conservative views. Except that nothing of the sort is the case.

TRM reporter Faith Goldy was on the scene reporting on all that leftist intolerance when her camera crew caught the act of terror itself.

The problem with this narrative is the long game of marketing a name change. White supremacist is no longer the item, its called "white nationalist". Well I remember these folks as Klan hood wearing thugs who've been terrorising blacks and others for 150 years.

But these folks have been brought out of the shadows by Trump. While no one is stating that Trump himself is a white supremacist, the endorsement by actual KKK member David Duke and Trump's hostility to immigration, Muslims, Mexicans, etc.
All this set the narrative that the white supremacists could come from the shadows as they've been normalised by both the media and very weak politicians afraid to call a spade a spade.

How normalised? Well David Duke felt bold enough to remind Trump that his electoral success is because of the mobilisation of Duke's brand of racists and "white nationalists". Just to remind Trump who's really in charge of his voter base.
The provocateur Rebel Media came to town looking for evidence to support their narrative of the intolerant left, instead they witnessed evidence of the hateful far right, emboldened by folks like Trump.

Rebel Media even uses the white supremacist lingo "Antifa". Antifa loosely translates into the various anti-fascist protesters that tend to monitor the fascist side of the debate. I'm not sure why you'd oppose anti-fascist groups, unless your group is explicitly pro-fascist. Then the labels apply nicely.

Will everyone finally realise that the old world battle lines are drawn again? Not the left/right battle front, but the freedom vs oppressive fascist lines. Trump and his apparent Klan allies and supporters are on the wrong side of history.

Hopefully folks are seeing this. Because this can't go on any longer.



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