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You fight fear when you stop allowing yourself to be scared

Its in the political interests of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to keep Canadians scared. Scared of terrorism, scared of economic uncertainty, scared of the unknown.

In keeping Canadians fearful, the conservatives portray themselves as the protector to Canada of the things that we should all be fearful of. That assumes that Canadians are easily scared. They shouldn't be.

We're at a bit of a crossroads in Canadian politics. We have met at that place where voters have finally realized that politicians are largely devoid of grand ideas and big things that will make our lives better or easier. Voters have also realized that the current regime are no longer efficient managers of an economic and political system. All that is left are tactics of fear. Conservatives do this tactic well. Leveraged right, its immensely powerful. The power of fear allowed neo-conservatives in America to influence major policy decisions in the Bush White house. The results are likely a generation of distr…