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Irresponsible media attempts to dismiss Bonney/criminal charges.

Almost as if it was planned this way, that if the criminal probe didn't implicate an actual sitting MLA or Premier, that it was going to be no big deal.  Wrong. Its a big deal. An alternative headline would be: "Another criminal charge against Clark insider speaks to culture of corruption in 16 year old govt". 
Images presented as is.

Its not that I support Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau's call for more resources for her..

Its that I don't care enough to be that upset about it.
To be clear: I don't support this call for more resources.
As a single parent myself, I've understood that as parents, we do what we can with the limited resources available to us. For those whose incomes are low, there is some help available (subsidies, etc) that can assist. If Sophie was calling for more resources for all Canadian parents of limited means, I'm all in - because that would be correct. How about a national daycare program for starters.
Raising a family is hard. Raising a family as a single parent is harder still. But we do it nonetheless. I believe that in our families, kids come first. If I found myself stretched to far, overwhelmed so much, that it took away from caring for my young child, then I would sacrifice those things that came between me and my son. That's our jobs as parents, we sacrifice for our families. Period.
Now, I'm not going to condemn Sophie and Justin for their parentin…