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PNW LNG project issues

On top of every other complicating matter that makes me not support the PNW LNG project, the tax and royalty regime now in place are so low that it almost qualifies as a taxpayer supported subsidy. Petronas, is a state owned corporation in Malaysia.

Also, both federal and provincial governments have green lighted the potential use of temporary foreign workers for this proposal.

And this.

This is notwithstanding some very serious issues regarding a requirement for meaningful consultations with the affected first nations' in the region.

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Fassbender/DeJong forget that the internet has a memory

Yesterday, late in the day, Peter Fassbender attackedthe NDP for pledging to increase the provincial share of transit expansion through the 'mayors 10 plan' from a 33% to 40% share. Translink Minister Fassbender has a short memory on finding cash for short term political gains.

Families begin receiving TESP payments this week | BC Gov News:

Bonus: the Provincial government demanded some parents/families pay this back.

Clark's real estate spending trough

The BC Liberals have done something unique. They have managed to rake in an unprecedented sum of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from the overheated Vancouver Real Estate market while simultaneously crashing it with their new "Foreign Buyers Tax" (more after images)

That escalated quickly. Toronto, your move. — Donut Shorts (@DonutShorts) September 15, 2016


The BC Liberals are on their typical pre-election spending spree and promise making. Today it was their pledge to cancel the planned 4% hike to MSP premiums. This amounts to an extra $3 per month that won't be charged any more. Predictably, the governing party is making a lot of noise about this after having a rough go of it lately.

They had been rightly skewered for increasing said premium by 100% since taking office in 2001. More recently, far more controversially, the government announced that while increasing the monthly allowance for disabled British Columbians …