This is going to be uncomfortable for some, but if you voted NDP to "stop fracking" or shut down the LNG trade, then that's an unrealistic expectation and incorrect interpretation of their platform and if you're that person, you have yourself to blame.
The NDP, in fact, has supported LNG. When in power in the 90's, they oversaw a significant expansion of the natural gas industry in the north east. It paid off too; billions of dollars in provincial revenue in support of healthcare and education, roads and highways, etc. Good paying, family supporting careers.
Where the NDP differed significantly from the BC Liberals is where the Campbell/Clark gov't put so many eggs in one basket. Their policy narrative was that LNG would be bigger to BC than oil would be to Alberta. This is the crux of their imaginary trillion dollar Prosperity Fund™ that never materialized.
After destroying 30k private sector jobs in the forest sector because of ill thought out reforms, they needed a new horse to bet on.
It is fair to question the impact on ground water, and the govt is right to demand a high level of oversight. The chemicals used in the fracking process are concerning and the public has a right to know what's being injected deep into the soil.
Those transparency measures were left wanting by the BC Liberals. Their best solution was industry controlled oversight and enforcement regime. All we need to do is look at what an outsourced, self-governing model did for the real estate market in BC to know this is a bad idea.
Natural gas, like forestry, are a BC natural resource. We can give it a chance with robust oversight and enforcement of safety/environmental protection rules.
And, as #GreeNDP partner, Andrew Weaver once said: "I'm sure there will be idealists who will be very upset, but you don't move society forward by only saying no to everything."
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