Epiphany: We've all been had (again) by Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is getting a fair amount of ribbing in international and domestic media about his apparent misfire while on his trip to India. What I mean is that images coming out of his official trip show him and his young family dressed in brightly coloured traditional garb in a way that yells out 'cultural appropriation' from the rooftops. And perhaps this was ill advised; he looks ridiculous. But give it three days, almost on cue, liberal supporters trot out images of Stephen Harper also wearing culturally significant garb in the many international travels he had as Prime Minister.

The Liberals are famous for turning an advantage from a mistake. The misfire morphed into trolling, and as if it had been planned all this time, it brought out some very racist backlash against the Liberal Party.

Just when Conservatives were making some inroads into Justin's stubbornly high approval ratings, the inadvertent trolling brought out the darkest elements of conservative outrage, bigotry and hatred.

Planned or not, it worked like a charm. Now the Liberal social media machine has screenshots of racist memes and public chats that will be mined for gold in the next few years in the lead up to the next election. Good work folks.

Justin deserved the ribbing to be sure; perhaps even a mockery. But unleashing hatred and bigotry will only turn off the folks you need to oust the guy.

Meanwhile, important things get ignored. BC is going to be force-fed a pipeline that puts at risk 110k current jobs on the south coast vs approximately 50 theoretical jobs created by a pipeline that doesn't even expand domestic supply.


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