Oprah is great, but not as a presidential candidate

Hear me out for a moment.
First, as far as qualifications go, she towers Trump in every way. She wasn't born into wealth, she had to earn it the hard way. As a black woman, that climb was far steeper than most others had to do.

Her challenge is that she's polarizing. Those who like her, love her. Those who dislike her, well you get the picture. To a lesser degree than Hillary Clinton to be sure, but polarizing to be clear.

If Democrats nominate Oprah, they validate the narrative told by Republicans that Democrats cater to elite, rich and entitled limousine Liberals. Facts be damned. No mention that Trump, and Romney beforehand were candidates born into wealth and were far more detached from the plight of the average working stiff who's slipping further behind than ever before. But we've well established that we're in a post truth era where facts don't matter, "truth" is told by oft repeated narrative.

Democrats need to locate a slate of candidates who are everyday folks. Average people. That's not easy because the political class is often very wealthy and connected. On both sides.

Trump's appeal is that he is anti-system. Or at least that's his narrative. Despite some pretty inflammatory news items to the opposite, he's maintaining that narrative well enough that he's well positioned to be re-elected in '20.

Oprah is awesome, don't get me wrong. But I fear nominating her will pave the way to another term if Trump. Oprah is awesome, but she is no Obama.

My 2 bits


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