Trudeau's powerful friends

Breaking news today points to a major leak called #paradisepapers.
While I'm still trying to get my head around what this all is, the first glance shows some shady business dealings with offshore tax havens and powerful people.
People, that is, linked directly or indirectly to the Prime Minister and his party.
Now, I'm no lawyer or tax expert, so I can't really assess the information revealed. But the optics suck if you're a federal liberal.
Setting aside any possible illegal activity, when your party and leader campaign on the notion of #RealChange and a clean break from the Harper govt previous Martin (Liberal) leadership styles, headlines like this don't help.
Justin Trudeau is already under fire for abandoning his commitment to electoral reform. Already taking heat for waffling on his environmental platform. For a narrative like this to come out isn't going to help those pretending that this brand of Liberal Party is different from the last time they governed.
And it gives ammunition to opponents who continually deride the Liberals in saying there's no difference between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party. Events like this tend to validate that narrative.
And I don't think we're done yet.

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