Predictable, but sickening nonetheless: BC Liberals tap dance on fuel price.

To believe BC Liberal rhetoric on fuel prices in BC, the NDP are responsible for the highest gas prices in North America. Facts however, tell another story.

What are the BC Liberals asking for in this narrative? Subsidized gas? Because the taxation regime in place is largely untouched since they left office.

While it is true that the carbon tax in BC went up by a penny, that's hardly the explanation for the recent dramatic jump in price. There are several factors.

Regional governments, city halls, transit authorities all have a hand in adding layers of taxation to fuel costs in BC. To believe the BC Liberal version of this: the NDP is responsible for 100% of this tax burden.

What's even more asinine is the failure to build Kinder Morgan that the NDP opposes is also responsible for this fuel price overload. Would someone please tell the BC Liberals that the expanded Kinder Morgan project is for export only?

The Alberta based tar sands fuel that ends up in our vehicles are processed at two BC based refineries and imported through some Washington State refineries. The increase in flow from an expanded pipeline isn't for our market: and may itself lead to an increase in fuel costs for locals, the pipeline and expanded port facility is for export only.

I get it. The BC Liberals are capitalizing on a bread-and-butter issue to demonize the NDP; and it could trigger a softening of NDP support.

But imagine what would happen if folks again realize that the BC Liberals are spinning a yarn here and misleading BC voters for gross, cynical, political reasons.

They'd conclude that the BC Liberals are unfit to govern.

And they'd be right.



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